Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Dinner is Served.

In today's economy, it seems silly to spend the money (that I don't have anyway) to remodel my kitchen into some tribute to all that is retro and modern and good. So, before I throw out the granite counter tops and tear down the walnut cabinets (and get evicted since it's a rental because I live in a city where I will never be able to own), maybe I'll just add some hints of fun and color. Sometimes the smallest touches can make a surprisingly large impact.

Kikkerland Magnetic Kitchen Timer from Velocity.

Wide-Eyed Dish Towel in Aqua.

Mod Measuring Set.

Cordoba Bowl...or jewelry dish?

Edda Carafes...or stem vases?

Lulea Pot Holder.

Sea Glass Tumbler.

Sporades Napkin, Floral...or trivet?

All other images from Anthropologie and its great collection of stylish stuff for your home.

Did you notice a color theme running through these well as my website? I'm currently obsessed but don't fret because my obsessions are fleeting. It'll be a new combo of colors in a month.

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