Monday, July 20, 2009

Head Cleared.

My space is usually a pretty good reflection of the state of my head. And yesterday, my space was cluttered and hadn't been changed around for 3 years. So, I decided to move every single piece of furniture in our apartment. I used to do this much more frequently as a child. I would hole myself up in my room for a day, empty out every drawer, nook and cranny and then go about rearranging everything. I forgot how good that feels.

Yesterday, I turned our little living room from this:

Clutter left in for effect.

To this. Aahhhh...I'm already breathing easier.

I love having a seating area in front of our bay window now...although I need to get some new pillow covers for those pillows because I took them from our bedroom. I hope our bed isn't too angry. And I think my craigslist find of a chair fits in perfectly with the rest of the decor. I was even able to add some of my Renegade Craft Fair (more of that later) finds to my little art wall that uses double sided tape since I'm too cheap for frames.

Sorry, but no peeks of what's behind the couch just yet. It's my makeshift office space until I transform our closet from a junk ridden hell hole to a peaceful, inspiring, organized work space.


  1. Your deck looks awesome with everything else! [I followed your link from AT, as I've been trying to figure out how best to hang mine.]

  2. I love your style. Where did you get your artwork? Especially "i've always known it was you"?

  3. Thanks so much!

    The large painting is actually by my husband and the "I have always known" poster is from Seattle Show Posters. If you go to this pic on flickr, it has all of the other artwork tagged.

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