Thursday, July 23, 2009


I talk about going to the farmer's market a lot, but I rarely ever go. Partly, it's because something comes up...I can't get out of work, I oversleep, I get lazy. But I'm also not very good at food shopping without a list. I always have a fear that I'll buy something like squash blossoms and won't be able to find a recipe in the 4,057,693,217 recipes that are currently online (FYI...there were 14,200 google results for squash blossom recipes).

This time, I'm planning ahead. And I have a list. Because that's what I do...I plan and make lists (Don't judge me. I've been like this all my life). I found two recipes using seasonal ingredients (zucchini and figs) that I can't wait to make for dinner Sunday night. And once I step beyond that fear threshold into the farmer's market, who knows what exciting stuff I'll leave with? I might spontaneously buy heirloom tomatoes...or peaches. Crazy, right?

Now, who doesn't love a carbonara? I'm honestly drooling right now (I'm also starving). I'm all about baked fruit desserts lately and since this one does not require baking powder, I should be good. I'm excited to think about all the fabulous fruit toppings to use in lieu of figs...what wouldn't work with a rosemary cornmeal crust and lemon marscapone cream? And, as the usual, I'm sure I'll post pics of my (fingers crossed) successful meal later.

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  1. Once again I have come across another superb blog and don't know how I got here, just glad I did. I adore your blog, it is totally awesome. You are not alone with the list thing, I would shrivel up and blow away without one...lolol


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