Monday, June 7, 2010

Hello My Lovelies.

Robert Minervini's Art in Storefront Mural in Wentworth Alley, Chinatown.

I fear my blog has become the unfortunate poster child for what happens when you pile too much on your plate. This little blog was at the bottom of that pile, but fortunately I've eaten through much of that heap and it's back on my radar. Yay!

So, I believe I owe you all some updates. First and foremost, after much deliberation I decided to leave my current job so that I could focus most of my energies on grad school in the fall. But since I'm not a trust fund baby, I still need a paycheck. I figured I'd have to settle with some silly part time job, but man oh man, did I luck out! I only applied to one job and I'm starting said job today! I will be Project Coordinator for an amazing non profit called PhotoPhilanthropy! If you are a photographer and are interested in how photography can be used to promote social change, definitely check us out! I am beyond excited for this new opportunity and feel like my career path is truly starting to align with my passions and values.

Next, I've had the opportunity to continue photographing many events for the San Francisco Arts Commission. One of my favorite events, Art in Storefronts (Chris had a piece last round) is opening this Friday in Chinatown and it's going to be a great event! Um, food from the Slanted Door? Yes please!! I'll be there photographing the sure to say hi if you come out.

Finally, some super exciting news! Guess who has two thumbs and is going to Buenos Aires in August? This girl! Chris actually has a show (as part of the Sanctuary City project) there sponsored by the Argentine consulate so we will be visiting the fine city for two weeks. And we rented the most fabulous apartment for our stay. I'll be photographing it for Apartment Therapy so I can't wait to share it with you. It's in this old neighborhood called San Telmo that's full of cafes, antique shops, tango dancers and 18th century architecture. If anyone has any recommendations on what to do while visiting BA, please share.

A few other notes...End of Lost made me cry. A lot. What the hell is up with Spencer and all of those crystals? Go Celtics. And seriously, can someone please fix the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico? I just can't even wrap my brain around the devastation that the region will fear for years to come.

Alright, I have to head to a meeting for the new job, but I wanted to let you know that you can call off the rescue mission. I'm no longer MIA.

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