Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Ugly Stepsister.

For those of you that don't obsess over reality tv shows starring people 10 years younger than you, that craptastic show called The Hills ends its infamous run this evening. After years of awkward pauses and episodes full of nothing happening (as reenacted here), it's finally coming to an end. It's obvious MTV has always favored their little California gang...I mean Spencer even looks almost, dare I say, not douchey in this photo from MTV's website. Everyone looks hot and tan and thin...just like you would expect any group of twenty-somethings famous just for being famous that live in Hollywood.

The stars of The City...well, apparently actually working for a living does nothing for your looks.

Are these really the best photos they had of each of the "characters" from The City? How did this happen? Whitney is naturally gorgeous and Olivia, with her stunning hair, is as well (even though she is a total bitch). In this picture, Olivia looks like she's actually dying, Whitney's pretty hair is in a heinous bun on top of her head and Roxy looks much crazier than she actually is. Apparently whoever is editing photos for MTV is a HUGE Erin fan because she looks quite pretty. Also, now that I look more at the logo, I'm kind of hating the C.

I've heard The City only has one season left in it. I'm not surprised...MTV apparently never gave it a chance. Still, I will miss Kelly Cutrone and loving to hate Olivia and her flawless hair and wardrobe.

Monday, July 12, 2010

A Cut Above.

It's that time again. The hair has been going into a ponytail (a wee ponytail, but one nonetheless) which signals the immediate need for a haircut. I haven't had hair past my shoulders in years because I just can't deal with the maintenance. That and it makes me feel plain and average for some reason. My current cut is giving me the same blah feeling. I have naturally wavy hair that I usually straighten it. But I'm going back to an oldie, but goodie this time around that takes advantage of my hair's texture.

I remember seeing this haircut on Julia Stiles like 6 years ago and immediately fell in love. And I LOVED that cut. I felt sassy and unique and stylish &mdash three things I could really use a jolt of right now. I can't wait to sport the cut with smoky eye makeup and the leather jacket I might have ordered this weekend when we are in Buenos Aires!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Here She Goes Again...

Photo by Hunter Freeman; found via Kitsune Noir.

(This image has nothing to do with this blog post. I guess the only thing they have in common is that they are both awesome...naturally.)

This blog officially turned one on June 22nd, but it seemed silly to celebrate considering the last 6 months have consisted of a mere 23 posts (wow, that's embarrassing to say out loud!).

I had a moment last night where I thought that maybe I should just close the doors to this here ol' blog. Maybe that constant nagging sense of "you should probably post something" just isn't worth it. I blog daily, twice a day actually (and three times today over there if you want to get technical), just not here. And for the past month, I was also working two "part-time" jobs while doing A TON of photography work for the Arts Commission. So I essentially gave myself a free pass on personal blogging...and working out...and being social...and calling my mom (essentially everything I had resolved to do. whoops!).

But this month is different. This week I officially started to work from home. And as fantastic as that sounds in theory (it does sound pretty fantastic, doesn't it?), it's a bit harder than I thought. And not in the "how am I going to make myself get shit done with a TV there and the internet here and no boss around" way. I'm pretty self-motivated so that's not an issue. It's more in the "wow...I've had no human contact that isn't digital in 3 days and I'm still in my pajama pants" way.

See, I'm the type of person that could easily be a recluse. It's not because I don't like people and it's not because I don't like being outside. Just sometimes, I can get lazy in that sense. Like I physically have to make myself leave the house every. single. day. or else I wouldn't leave the apartment for months. I'm sure part of it stems from my depression and maybe some of it is deeper than that. But regardless, I'm only three days in and it's hard. And then I had my a ha! moment.

Sure, it's hard to go hang out with people and be social during the day when the rest of the world is at work. But know what can happen? I can interact with my favorite fellow bloggers and read all of your wonderful comments! I mean, I seriously LOVE that part of writing here...especially that it is snarky comment free.

So, I will try to be here more frequently. And don't take this personally, but me being here is way more for me than it is for you. Until September...when school starts and I just don't even know how that's gonna go.

Photo by Michele Kraus; postcard design by moi.

P.S. If you live in San Francisco, I have my first photography show tonight! It's not crazy exciting, but it's still kind of exciting.

Opening Reception: Thursday, July 8 from 5:00 - 6:30 p.m.
Exhibition Run: July 1-31, 2010
Flax art & design
1699 Market Street at Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA 94103
Store Hours: Mon-Sat 9:30 a.m.-7:00 p.m.

This photographic exhibition documents the StreetSmARTS program, an innovative collaboration initiated by the San Francisco Arts Commission and the Department of Public Works to transform graffiti-stained walls into beautiful works of art. During the 2010 pilot year, local urban artists created sixteen murals throughout San Francisco including five public school sites. The San Francisco Arts Commission was fortunate to have a group of exceptional photographers volunteer their skills over the past six months. In documenting the creation of the murals and the community’s response, Michele Kraus, Diana S├ínchez, and Jessica Watson have created their own works of art.
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