Sunday, January 31, 2010

8. Jonathan Adler Helix Rug

I thought it would be nice to make it through this list of things that make me happy without getting all materialistic, but I like things and some things make me happy. And I think things with triangles and varying hues of blue and gray are pretty awesome.

8. Jonathan Adler Helix Rug
This Jonathan Adler Helix Rug makes me smile, although I would be grinning from ear to ear if it was actually on my floor (if someone could also rip out our lame carpet and replace it with hardwood floors, I'd be eternally grateful). The $1,050 price tag...not so much.

Ten Things That Make Me Happy:
10. San Francisco History.
9. Japanese Kid Playing the Ukulele.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

9. Japanese Kid Playing the Ukulele

So, I will immediately acknowledge that this is quite possibly one of the most random things you've seen that makes someone happy, but just wait til you watch. I discovered this little guy today (thanks to a tweet from Andy Roddick...if you are reading this Andy, you played great!) and I can't stop watching.

On to the next installment in my series:

9. Japanese Kid Playing the Ukulele
I don't know his name, but he is now 5 years old. He and his mom (??) started playing the ukulele a year ago and initially learned by following along with a television show. The kid can rip it up on a ukulele. He has one of the cutest giggles I've heard and makes the most adorable faces when he starts rocking out. Since he doesn't know English, he sings the sounds that he hears.

Sorry puppies, but I think I've found something else to cure my gloomy days.

Ten Things That Make Me Happy:
10. San Francisco History.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

10. San Francisco History.

Scenes shot from a streetcar in SF in 1905. Music by Air...funny how a modern song fits this film so well.

Um, hi. Remember me? You probably forgot that I exist considering I've been missing for 2 weeks now. This blogging thing must be like going to the miss a few days and it's hell getting back (and you don't even want to hear how long it's been since I was at the gym).

Alison over at Lipstick on Your Teeth thankfully called me out and gave me an assignment. It's my turn to tell you 10 things that make me happy. And since I'm currently in the business of getting as many posts out of as little content as possible, I'll only be posting one at a time. It might be cheating, but at least I know what the next 10 posts will be. Well, sort of. I'm going to try to do this without mentioning ampersands, collage or typography. Ugh. Now on with the show...

10. San Francisco History
I've always been a fan of history, but usually leaned toward history primarily dealing with art. Thanks to Chris' recent injection of San Francisco history into his art (like our little train project), I've been learning more about it. It's so ridiculously interesting. We've totally started dorking out on it. For example, last night, we went to hear a lecture at this incredibly old San Francisco institution, the Mechanics' Institute. With a room full of septuagenarians and their glasses of wine (yes, they serve wine with their lectures! old people still want to party), we listened to SF native Charles Fracchia discuss his book, When the Water Came up to Montgomery Street, and the growth of San Francisco during the Gold Rush.

Let me reference my notes for some interesting tidbits (yes, I took notes. I did say dorking out).
  • Did you know that before the Gold Rush, San Francisco only had about 800 residents? It's estimated that 350,00 - 500,000 people migrated to California from 1848-1859.
  • There was a period in 1849 when the population of San Francisco doubled every ten days.
  • Prior to the 1906 earthquake and the subsequent fire that destroyed the city, San Francisco had already had 6 fires that virtually destroyed the city.
  • If you've visited San Francisco, the Embarcadero area and much of South of Market were not here 150 years ago. Those areas are all built on land fill, sand and debris from fires and the 1906 earthquake.

Map of San Francisco from 1849 and one from now. Click to see it bigger.

My favorite tidbit of the night was due to an epiphany Charles had about the unique nature of the City. If you've lived here or visited, there really is something magical about San Francisco. There's an air of limitless potential, hopefulness and inclusivity that you don't find many other places. Charles realized that it's probably due to the way the city was built. It was one of the only cities in modern history that's diverse population came together all at once. During the Gold Rush, people came from all over the world. Within a year, San Francisco already had immigrants from China, Japan, South America, Malaysia and Mexico as well as people of Italian, Irish, German and other heritages. Granted, other cities are just as diverse, but none had it happen virtually over night. Since it's inception, San Francisco has opened its arms to everyone and I love that you still feel that to this day. better hope I'm never away for a month or you will have a novel to read.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Helping Just Got Easier.

Most of you have probably seen this, but if you are looking for way to help those affected by the devastation in Haiti, here's something that will take less than 10 seconds (assuming you are a proficient texter):

Text "Haiti" to 90999 to donate $10 to Red Cross efforts in Haiti.

The donation will be added to your next phone bill and 100% of it will go to relief efforts in Haiti.

My sincere thoughts and prayers are with the people of Haiti today.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Bit Premature, Perhaps.

All photos by Kevin Cooley, found via Kitsune Noir.

I know...two photography posts in a row. It's like I'm getting lazy or something (thank you for ignoring the fact that my last post was on Friday!). I'm becoming a bit photo obsessed since I've been out and about with my camera so much as of late. I had three different shoots this for AT, one for Ohdeedoh and another for the San Francisco Arts Commission. It's fun and I'm learning so much with every shoot (and acquiring more and more camera gear along the way), but then I see stuff like this and, well, le sigh...I'm starting to sound like the Jealous Curator (which you should totally check out if you haven't before). But alas, that's why one of my 2010 resolutions is to take my photography more seriously.

Speaking of resolutions, I'm doing somewhat better than expected thus far. Here's an update (assuming you are even slightly interested):

1. Travel more. - Haven't left the city yet, but planning a trip to NYC in April.
2. Eat with intention. - Um, no.
3. Design and collage more. - Nope.
4. Take my photography to the next level. - Signed up for class, interning with SFAC!
5. Be realistic with expectations of myself and my time. - Working on it.
6. Collaborate with Chris on another project (or two). - Already met with a collaborator!
7. Be more confident in myself and my abilities. - Applied to grad school! Finally!
8. Read more books and watch less tv. - I have two design books I'm reading.
9. Actively pursue my career goals. - Yep, grad school! Yay! MBA in Design Strategy at CCA!
10. Run another marathon. - I guess running would be a good start.
11. Call my mom more often. - Does email count for something?
12. Spend more time in the kitchen. - That might require groceries.
13. Go on more dates with my husband. - We just had a lovely Sunday!
14. Always appreciate my wonderful life. - Definitely!
15. Cultivate my personal style. - That would require more clean clothes...
16. Regularly update my blog. - Crap.
17. Find a good synonym for more. - Additional? Supplementary?

I really shouldn't be patting myself on the back too much. It is only January 12th after all.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Blinded by the Light.

So, getting back into the swing of things was a little harder than I anticipated. My first mistake was adding "finish grad school application" to my already ginormous pile of To Dos (more on that later). In hopes of a quick post, I've been waiting to see something fabulous all week and I finally found it!

Germany's Light Art Performance Photography takes these photos using slow shutter speeds and varying light sources as their paint. Click on each image to see it in its full glory or head over to The Daily Mail to read more about this dynamic duo.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Papyrus?!? Really?

I finally saw Avatar in 3D this weekend. Sure, the animation was great and Jake Sully was easy on the eyes, but the war scene went on too long and the overall themes of the movie seemed a tad too elementary. But all this aside I have one main complaint: Papyrus! Wha?!?! How do you spend this much money making a movie and use that font? And then use it for all of the subtitles? Gross.

I wish I was as witty as Pr*tty Sh*tty, but (sigh) I'm not. So, please go and read An Open Letter to James Cameron from Papyrus. I hope Avatar's success doesn't legitimize this font and bring it back into mainstream use. If Mr. Cameron uses Comic Sans in his next film, he will never see another dollar from me. Never!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

I Resolve to...

Amble by Yelena James, found via The Jealous Curator. I think we are all jealous of this.

(in no particular order..simplicity of list inspired by Rachel of elephantine)

1. Travel more.
2. Eat with intention.
3. Design and collage more.
4. Take my photography to the next level.
5. Be realistic with expectations of myself and my time.
6. Collaborate with Chris on another project (or two).
7. Be more confident in myself and my abilities.
8. Read more books and watch less tv.
9. Actively pursue my career goals.
10. Run another marathon.
11. Call my mom more often.
12. Spend more time in the kitchen.
13. Go on more dates with my husband.
14. Always appreciate my wonderful life.
15. Cultivate my personal style.
16. Regularly update my blog.
17. Find a good synonym for more.

Here's to an exciting 2010!

Friday, January 1, 2010

For the Record, It's Twenty Ten.

Happy New Year! I hope that everyone had a wonderful evening last night and a relaxing day today (and that you are finally hangover free).

I've been trying to work through all of the craziness that has been this past year to write some sort of pensive discourse on the year that was 2009 and how that will influence my 2010. However, I've been too busy relaxing and enjoying our new high-definition television (they don't call it vacation for nothing). The vacation officially ends tomorrow as I have blog posts and personal statements to write...and goals for twenty-ten (not two thousand yourself a syllable).

Until then, enjoy your long weekends kiddos!
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