Thursday, January 28, 2010

9. Japanese Kid Playing the Ukulele

So, I will immediately acknowledge that this is quite possibly one of the most random things you've seen that makes someone happy, but just wait til you watch. I discovered this little guy today (thanks to a tweet from Andy Roddick...if you are reading this Andy, you played great!) and I can't stop watching.

On to the next installment in my series:

9. Japanese Kid Playing the Ukulele
I don't know his name, but he is now 5 years old. He and his mom (??) started playing the ukulele a year ago and initially learned by following along with a television show. The kid can rip it up on a ukulele. He has one of the cutest giggles I've heard and makes the most adorable faces when he starts rocking out. Since he doesn't know English, he sings the sounds that he hears.

Sorry puppies, but I think I've found something else to cure my gloomy days.

Ten Things That Make Me Happy:
10. San Francisco History.


  1. This by far made me smile like no other post today!!!! THANK YOU!!! xo

  2. Good lord was I in a terrible mood until I saw this! Thanks, Jess!

  3. Oh my gosh!! I cannot believe this, this is absolutely amazing! I reposted some of his vids on my blog! Yes, THANK YOU for posting this!

    Haley Wulfman

  4. Ha - you are so right Jess - this definitely helps! I can't believe his little fingers going crazy on those frets! :) xo


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