Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I've Got the Blues.

I've noticed a recent predisposition toward any design that involves a certain spectrum of blues...namely anything that remotely looks like cerulean, turquoise, aqua, robin's egg blue, tiffany blue, azure, teal, ultramarine, and on and on. And because I am so incredibly introspective, I realized it must be a symptom of my yearning to once again live near the beach.

I spent 5 amazing years in San Diego with threes of those spent in Encinitas, a small town in North County. My walk to the beach took 5 minutes, seven if I was lugging my surfboard. If it was a weekend, I was at the beach. I trudged to work before sunrise so I could be out in the water each day to watch the sunset. My sister and I traveled to Costa Rica so I could ride the waves of Tamarindo and Mal Pais (and it was amazing).

Now I live in San Francisco, a city in which I have always wanted to live. I absolutely adore the city, but sometimes (like today) I miss a consistent summer sun, warm water and sand in my toes. Just thinking about the beach slows my blood pressure.

So, here is an homage to a few of my favorite things...pale blues, the beach, the sun and photography. Some of these images make me want to dive through my computer screen or book a vacation while others make me nostalgic for days gone by, but they all make me happy.


Photo credits:
(1) Cancun, from nheidenbluth; (2) Mal Pais, Costa Rica, from unicorns are magical (I think I have a picture of the same set of palm tress); (3) Moonlight Beach, Encinitas, from Michelle's House of Disco (I used to live there...I miss it!); (4) Turks and Caicos, from cosmo-girl; (5) Mal Pais, Costa Rica from michelleholshue (sigh); (6) Cala Dogano, Italy, from Wagman_30; (7) Mal Pais, Costa Rica, from dylandibona (another sigh); (8) Montezuma, Costa Rica, from mraaronmorris; (9) Silk Caye, Belize, from Leimbo; 10) Tamarindo, Costa Rica, from Segrid Reinhard.

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