Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bowled Over.

For months, I've been searching incessantly for an appropriate dish to place on my dresser to house my jewelry (and by "searching incessantly"..."for months" I mean thinking about it for a couple of weeks). After having no luck at the Renegade Craft Fair this past week, I decided to take my web-searching skills to I should have known better since there is just too much good stuff on that site. Now I'm trying to figure out how to justify the purchase of 27 different bowls considering I don't have that much jewelry...or that much space. Ugh, why do I suffer from such indecisiveness? So, do I get a bowl that's...

...designed with a modern sensibility? village clayworks by catherine reece.

...classic, timeless and white? Element Clay Studio.

...a part of a whimsical set? Luckalilly.

...predictably in my favorite shade of blue? Skinny and Bernie;Sweet Love Vintage.

...intricate and large and pretty? Lionfish 53.

...a little retro modern? Jill Rosenwald; HausProud.

...influenced by Asian design? High Street Market.

...on feet? Modish Vintage; A. Speer Ceramic Studio.

...covered with vibrant flowers? Modish Vintage; Portuguese Vintage.

And just because I obviously need it. High Street Market.


  1. If it helps you narrow it down at all, I like the first four the best--especially the very first one.

  2. I love the practical ones with dividers by Skinny & Bernie, and Element Clay Studio. I also love the pretty one by Lionfish, many uses!
    Ps. Love Love your blog! You should write books, your very good!

    Susie W. (Camilles mom)


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