Saturday, July 11, 2009

Another Thursday. Another Gallery.

On Thursday night, we headed over to SOMArts to check out another installation of Chris' "Rank and File" piece in Art and Labor Today as well as Noticias. I studied Art History in college and even strongly considered getting my Masters in Art History (the requirement of proficiency in French and German kind of killed that idea). Still, I'm no art critique. I know what I like and what I don't like, but ask me to tell you why and sometimes I'm at a loss for words. So, instead of providing a dissertation on the merits and flaws in these two shows, I'll just show you pretty pictures of what I liked the bestest.

LaborFest: Art and Labor Today
This multimedia show brings together contemporary artists from the United States and France to provide provocative and compelling views on the effects of capitalism and the state of labor today. Artists include Skylaar Amann, Philippe Barnoud, Joe Blum, Paul Bouchard, Lenny Bové, Sheri Cavan, Michael Chomick, Mike Connor, Slobodan Dimitrov, Chris Dunker, Tom Griscom, Trudi Hauptman, Véronique Held, Mike Kimball, Anthony Lazorko, Jr., Kyle Levinger and Holly Coley, Doug McGoldrick, Douglas Minkler, Mimi Plumb, Aubrey Rhodes, John Robinson, Rachel Schreiber, Elizabeth Sibilia, elin o'Hara slavick, Chris Treggiari, Angela Franks Wells, Marcia Weisbrot, Holly Wong and Steve Zeltzer. Margot Smith’s documentary film, WPA Murals in San Francisco / The WPA Murals of Bernard Zakheim / New Deal Public Art: The Works Progress Administration, will be screened throughout the run of the show. Seldom seen prints from the 1950s and 1960s by Emmy Lou Packard (1914-1998), a former WPA artist and assistant to Diego Rivera, will compliment the contemporary art on view.

Artmedia, Artes Visuales en Centroamerica, a publication from Costa Rica, will cover the exhibition. Curated by Romeo G. Visorio.

Artists from El Salvador: La Fabri-K, Mayra Barraza, Romeo Galdamez, Luis Lazo, Tony Meno, Rosario Moore, Amber Rose, Baltasar Portillo, Francisco Zayas, Colectivo Tripode Audiovisual: Julio Lopez, David Gallardo, Francisco Morales.

Artists from the Bay Area: Marta Ayala, Carlos Cartagena, Victor Cartagena, Mario Pablo Chacon, Tessie Barrera-Scharaga, Martivon Galindo, Roxana Santos Hayden, Romeo G. Osorio, Saul Reyes.

Here's the husband getting interviewed dressed in some new clothes (yay Target! Let's start bets on how long they go without paint). I'll post the video once it's up.

We then celebrated another successful show with dinner at Heaven's Dog. If you go, you must try the braised pork belly in clam shell bun with scallions. The cocktails are pretty amazing, too.

For more photos from the shows at SOMArts, go here. Special shout out to artist Elizabeth Sibilia and her partner Lauren...can't wait to chat with you ladies more!

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