Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Can We Say Neurotic?

Last week, before my world was shrouded by gloom (yes, I'm using melodrama and artistic license), the husband and I spent a lovely evening in the Mission enjoying margaritas and Mexican food at Puerto Alegre and then headed over to Candystore Collective to check out a new show by Laura Berger.

I met Laura at the Renegade Craft Fair (you might remember me mentioning her here). Emily and I adored her illustrations...I think we spent 45 minutes trying to narrow down which ones we would buy. And she was incredibly sweet to boot. Since she mentioned she was from out of town, I figured I should stop by her show. I'm so glad I did. Whereas Renegade highlighted a lot of her prints, this show also highlighted a lot of her paintings (by the way, I want the painting in the third photo real bad).

Now, I know I had promised a post on Friday about Laura's show, but let's just say I didn't want to seem too eager. Chris and I talked to Laura for probably 20 minutes Thursday night and both really, really liked her. Long story short, we told her if she needed to she could crash on our couch while in town. Then that night, I proceeded to friend her on Facebook and link to her blog on my blog. I woke up the next morning, analyzed the evening and become increasingly nervous that she would either think we were swingers or that I was going to go single white female on her. Hence the delay. So Laura, seriously, we just both thought you were really nice and talented! Really. Wow, I'm so glad I get to announce my neuroses to the whole world :)

Anyway, here are some examples of Laura's prints and paintings. Don't you just adore her use of color? Be sure to check out her etsy page. If you are in SF, the show runs through September at Candystore Collective's new gallery space.

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  1. I do adore her work, going to go look at the shop now. :)


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