Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Well, not yet, but I'm definitely due for one (and yes...the title is a Bowie reference). Since college, my pattern has been pretty consistent. I basically work in 3 year cycles. 3 years at this job. 3 years in that house. 3 years in this town. My adolescence was often plagued by life-altering changes over which I had no control. Perhaps these self-imposed changes of late have been a way for me to feel like I have a firm say in where my life takes me. Plus, not moving is stasis and causes complacency. Bleh! I welcome change when it causes me to grow, learn and experience more out of life.

I've now been in SF for over three years and at my job and in this apartment for just as long. Considering we are going to be here for a while and I love this job, I don't suspect either of those are going to change anytime soon. So, I'm itching for a change of inter-city scenery. Time to pack up, purge and make a new place home. Just the thought of discovering new stores and restaurants and cafes gets me so excited! I've started looking and am thrilled about all of the possibility.

We are checking out an apartment in the Mission on Sunday. It's not much bigger than our current apartment but it has a much more open floor plan, access to a patio (I'm already scoping out hammocks) and it will allow dogs. Wish us luck...I always get my hopes too much for this sort of thing and will have already planned where the furniture goes before I've even seen the actual space. Uh oh...did I just jinx it by writing about it? Shit.

My dream block...cul-de-sac that ends at Duboce Park. Sigh.

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