Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Light My Fire.

I'm basically obsessed with any light fixtures that involve bulbs with visible filaments. I love their turn of the century (meaning 1900-ish) charm. Whenever I eat at Alembic or Town Hall, I stare admiringly at their lighting while I devour their delicious grub.

40W 1890 Bulb from Rejuvenation.

Renting an apartment in the city makes it hard to update our fixtures, but if I could I would take any of these bad boys any day of the week. Although it looks as if the Bubble Chandelier below might not require hard wiring which means I might have to save $300 so I can hang it over our dining table. Ooohh...I get excited just thinking about it.

Artic Pear Chandelier from OCHRE.

Bubble Chandelier by jeanpelle on Etsy.

Firefly Pendant Lamp from CB2.

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