Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sunday Is a Lovely Day for a Parade.

Remember a few weeks back when Chris did this? And remember how I mentioned that he randomly met some guy on the street that was curating a show directly related to the 1934 Workers Strike? No? How do you not remember? Do you even read this blog??? I kid, I kid.

Well thanks to all that, Chris will be participating in the LaborFest Bloody Thursday 75th Anniversary Procession this Sunday. This is quite exciting since this will be the first time one of Chris' floats is actually performed with, well, other people. The parade starts at 9:00 am at the music concourse near Steuart Street and Market Street.

Photograph from the 1934 Bloody Thursday Funeral Procession.

I will be there with bells on, of course, to document this event (expect pics next week). If you are not in San Francisco, the procession will be streamed live here. And if you end up hungover after a crazy 4th of July full of day drinking and BBQs, fret not. There is more in store.

Starting on July 9th, Chris' float will be on exhibit through the LaborFest Art Exhibition: Art and Labor Today. The exhibit takes place at SOMArts (943 Brannan Street) and runs through July 25th. In this multimedia show, curated by David Duckworth, contemporary artists from the United States and France provide provocative and compelling views on the effects of capitalism and the state of labor today. You can find more information about this exhibit here.

And if you are interested in finding more about LaborFest and the multitude of other events that are happening throughout the month of July, check it out here.

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