Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Afternoon Delight.

On the way back to the office after a walk, all I could think about was stopping somewhere to buy a cookie or candy or frozen yogurt or many, many packets of sugar. Apparently my blood sugar levels were trying to tell me something: "Hey Jess...It's your blood sugar. You are about to crash, fall asleep at your desk, get caught by your boss and get fired." I convinced myself an apple would suffice, but the blood sugar gods had different plans for me.

A couple of blocks from my office stood a goddess with an open box radiating light and FREE cupcakes. Apparently, this cupcake enthusiast, aka Doro, not only loves cupcakes, but she also makes them...brilliantly delicious ones! Doro is the owner of sweetiecups and was the winner of San Francisco Yelps' first annual cupcake contest. I tried a sample of the forbidden caramel: apple cake with light caramel cream cheese frosting and caramel sprinkles or apple piece. Holy crap! Scrumptious and moist with the most perfect frosting and even that apple I was thinking about having.

the forbidden caramel sweetiecup. Photo courtesy of sweetiecups.com.

On June 27th, Doro introduced the sweetiemobile. She's offering any extra sweetiecups she has for free when available. Follow her on twitter @sweetiecups for more info. I'm sure you'll see me there again!

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