Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Living Room (In Another Apartment and Income Bracket).

After months on the road with the husband touring museums and galleries in London and Munich and Venice and New York, it will be nice to come home to this. A girl can dream, right?

Photography by Tom Leighton.

I just adore the mixture of rustic and modern and am absolutely giddy about the yellow wall. This is the type of room I want to relax in with a good book on a typical rainy and/or foggy SF day. Now, if I could just find an apartment with a living room twice the size of my current apartment I'd be all set.

To recreate this look, visit Remodalista. I'm thinking I'll start with the carafe and then maybe move on the vases. Hopefully Santa will bring me the apartment (and all of the other stuff). I swear I've been a good girl.

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