Monday, August 3, 2009

Valley of the Dolls (Antique Fair Part 1).

So, I really had no idea how incredibly creepy an antique fair could be. Granted, I found some great bargain gems (post of that stuff later), but I was overwhelmed by the panoply of amputated doll parts on display. There were boxes upon boxes of doll heads, legs and torsos at just about every third booth. Like some sick fetish, I was obsessed with documenting every doll part I could find. Rightfully disturbed by the whole thing, Emily avoided even mere glances in the direction of the next doll pile, but my eagle eyes managed to quickly detect all the inconspicuous baby appendages. (Rereading this makes me better appreciate Emily's uneasiness. Thanks for putting up with me Em.)

Here is some Monday inspiration for your next horror flick storyboard and/or nightmare. P.S. Look out for the rat that probably eats babies for breakfast.

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