Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Pocket Change.

Last night, I needed some escape (also known as shopping). So rather than filling up my shopping cart on Nordstrom or J. Crew with things I could theoretically afford I decided to go to bat with the big boys. I headed straight over to Net-a-Porter for some window shopping, sartorial dreaming and a little bit of hyperventilating. While I love beautiful clothes, I'm not quite sure I'm ready to wear $5,000 worth of fabric and leather on my body. For godsake, that's worth more than my engagement ring and wedding dress combined (remember, wife of an artist). So, just indulge me in my dream clothing today and I'll make a few posts later of what is actually in my price range (assuming I max out a few of my department store credit cards).

The Date Outfit: Loving the mix of feminine and masculine, soft and hard, delicate pastels and strong black. And while I said I could and would never wear a peep toe bootie, these are f-ing hot.

Haute Hippie - Jersey tutu dress ($445), Dacute - Military suede jacket ($720), Lanvin - Glass pearl necklace ($1,220), Christian Louboutin - Loubistuds studded leather clutch ($1,395) and Robot 120 ankle boots ($1,295). Total $5,075. (You know in movies when someone says something that catches someone else off guard while they are drinking a beverage and the spit out all their beverage. Yep...my MacBook hates me right now.)

The Brunch Outfit: the perfect combination of comfort and chicness. I wonder if I could live out of that bag since it does cost more than my rent.

Maje - Pagny striped cotton dress ($180), Otreta - Evil eye chiffon scarf ($205), Halston - Stud-embellished cuff ($995), Valentino - Petal leather hobo bag ($2,395), ChloƩ - Leather wedge boots ($995). Total $4,770. Now that's a steal! (Look...it's a print! Actually multiple prints although I'm not 100% convinced that stripes count as a print.)


  1. are those peep toe loubou booties? i quiver...

  2. the tutu dress and the jacket are killer! i want!


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