Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Stuff I Want to Learn (Part 1): Paper Cutting.

I spend countless hours a day behind a computer checking email, searching the interwebs, editing photos, updating websites, catching up on my blog reads, etc. And while my trusty MacBook makes all my design work so much easier, sometimes I miss having something tactile as a final result. Using Photoshop is great and convenient but it can never replace the satisfaction of hours spent in a dark room working to finally get that print just so. And the undo function in Illustrator saves headaches, but sometimes it's just nice to put pen to paper. It feels good to use your hands and to have a final product you can touch and maybe even hang on your refrigerator. Hence, the stuff I want to learn.

Oh, if I had patience up to my ear and could cut (or even just draw) a straight line to save my life, this might be the thing for me. I can sit with an exacto knife and straight edge for hours whenever I make handmade invitations, but this is an entirely different beast. It's one that I have endless appreciation for because I just don't think I have it in me. But I have the feeling that the hundreds of cuts and tens of hours are slightly worth it when your finished product looks like these.

Image from madebyjulene.

Image from Rob Ryan.

Image from paperdiecut's etsy shop.

Image from allaboutPapercutting.

Image from Scherenschnitte.

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