Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Stuff I Want to Learn (Part 2): Letterpress.

I've wanted to learn how to press me some letters for a long time now. It takes one of my favorite things in the world (yes, fonts), turns it into something incredibly process oriented (which I also oddly love) and creates something tactile and two dimensional and gorgeous. My fear is that I'll take a few classes via the San Francisco Center for the Book, but I'll never come close to even remotely creating the genius that effortlessly flows out of Studio on Fire. And then I'll be rendered creatively impotent and will never attempt to make another thing again.

In other (not overly dramatic) news, this work has officially blown my mind. Really.

All images courtesy of the Studio on Fire blog.


  1. Oh I loved pressed stationery! What a fun class that would be...

  2. Hey Jess,
    Thanks for your lovely and encouraging comments! This letterpress business gets me pretty hot under the collar too. Just wonderful, there's a brilliant site (whose name temporarily escapes me) but as soon as I remember I'll let you know!

  3. hot. damn.--ha, no pun intended--studio on fire is right around the corner from me, and i want to follow them around and be their disciple. i don't think they want me, though (well, i haven't asked, but i'm pretty novice when it comes to letterpress, so my guess is. . . ). yeah. sigh.

  4. Thanks for all the comments!

    Hopefully I'll be taking a real class this fall, Simply Colette, and I'll keep you posted on the results.

    Gaboushka, I hope you remember the site name. You have impeccable taste so I'm sure I will love it.

    laurabrownart, do you ever just pop into Studio on Fire? I'd probably stalk them ;)

  5. Letterpress is just so... cool.

    We have a letterpress at my work and someone comes in occasionally to teach classes. I took the beginner class and thoroughly enjoyed it, but oh boy was it a tiring process..

  6. I did! It's proably blogger old hat by now.. but it's - have a lovely weekend!

  7. The above are great! love your hair...

    thank you for commenting over at simple blueprint! all comments make me very happy! Your blog is super cute.

    happy monday.


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