Friday, August 7, 2009

Incoherent Rambling about Yellow and Gray.

Yesterday's grey and yellow interiors post on Apartment Therapy reminded me that I'm basically obsessed with that color combination although I suppose if I was truly obsessed I wouldn't have needed to be reminded. Regardless (or irregardless...wait, I was about to make a joke about that, but my browser isn't showing it as a misspelled word. How is that possible when it's not even a word??? Hmm, just checked and apparently it's "nonstandard," whatever that means. Ok, let's get back on track Jess. Where was I?...), I have a bright, borderline fluorescent, cardigan I love to pair with every gray dress I have (which is more than one needs). I also literally ran to the Gap to buy their yellow and gray striped cashmere cardigan as soon as I saw it (yes, I'm a cardigan whore, but I live in SF people. It's a necessary evil).

I was going to go on and on about how you can find these colors in the world around us, but I realize you just want to look at pictures now. I hear you...please, no more words, just pictures...

(Click on the image below to go to my flickr favorites to be able to see each full image. Um, holy parentheses Batman. I think I went a bit overboard on this post.)

In lieu of pics from above, here are some great accessories and prints that I found on the wonder site also known as to help move you into fall.

I hope all you kids have a great weekend. You deserve it after sticking with me through this post. I promise to be more coherent next week.


  1. Ah yes.. I do love this color combo as well! Not sure what it is..?.. it looks vintage to me which I am always a big fan of!

  2. I saw this post over the weekend, looked under my laptop and realized my pj's were yellow and gray striped. funny ;)

  3. Oh very lovely...

    You might like my blog.



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