Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Transform Me, Please.

I must have missed that day of school where they were handing out olive-toned, poreless, porcelain textured skin to all the girls (and apparently there were only like 10 girls the day they gave away legs that look good in skinny jeans...I unfortunately got their leftover thighs).

My skin has often been the bane of my existence thanks to enlarged pores, occasional breakouts, unevenness and redness. I suffer from major bouts of epidermal envy. Needless to say, I was incredibly ecstatic when I discovered that I won two bars of the answer to all of my skin related prayers, the Wonderbar, from The Bright Side Project.

According to its website, the Wonderbar claims to tighten your facial pores, deep cleanse, remove free radicals and toxins from your face, and replenish it with the right nutrients. It also works well on eczema, acne, pimples amd psoriasis, lightens pigmentation and freckles. It's enhanced by the unique combination of Chlorey'nahre, our proprietary complex extracted from algae, with 3000 year old Heilmoor clay of Austria, a natural therapeutic ingredient. I have no idea what any of that last sentence means, but they have me convinced to try it...for free (at $40 for a 4-6 week supply, there's no way I would try it otherwise).

I'll suffer and be the guinea pig for all of you. Who knows? Maybe this is the next beauty miracle. I'll report back with details although I'm a little nervous that it just might transform my skin and then I have to keep buying it. Good news is that a 6-month supply is only $130.


  1. here is a testimonial I got today regarding the wonderbar: "I'm 46 and have been using the wonderbar since Christmas. I was in the not so unique situation of fighting wrinkles and acne at the same time. At first my face felt very dry and tight. After a week or so my freckles and dark spots (I refuse to call them age spots) darkened and I freaked. I actually called Masterson and she told me to continue using the product, my skin was going through a very important step called "crisis" and I would see positive results. I trusted her, the dark skin flaked off and my skin has been truly radiant ever since.
    It was almost like getting a facial peel. My dark spots are almost all gone and my skin is really great. I used to wear MAC studio fix powder on my face to smooth out the tone and I no longer wear it at all. I get tons of compliments and people are always confusing me with my prettier sister who is 5 years youger than me - who, incidentally, gave me the small wonderbar as a Christmas gift. I am forever grateful. Full disclosure --- she is a friend of Tiffany's.
    I splash water on my face, rub the dry bar over the surface, rub my face with my fingertips to get a light lather, let it dry, and leave it on all night. It drys absolutely invisible and is not at all uncomfortable. I just started my third small bar (around $40) so they last 2+ months if you are careful not to get the bar totally wet.."
    I am looking forward to hearing your feedback!

  2. Did the Wonderbar work?

  3. I liked it, but didn't use is consistently enough to see any radical changes. My face was definitely smoother, but I never saw my skin go through that "crisis" step in the the comment.

    It does last much longer than I anticipated too as long as you wet your face, then rub the bar on your face (rather then suds-ing it up under running water).


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