Sunday, August 23, 2009


Saturday's Street Food Festival couldn't have come soon enough. After three consecutive nights in Chris' studio until 2am or later followed by mornings starting before 7am, I was ready to get this bad boy over and done with. We woke up early on Saturday to install Chris' mural at both entrances of the festival. I walked around a bit to capture photos of the vendors prepping for the hordes of people that would soon arrive. After getting the murals installed, we left to drop off the U-Haul and returned about 30 minutes later. What a difference a half hour makes. Wow.

By 11:40, lines were already extremely long. Still, we were able to sample a few things: Jamie's Famous Hot Dog and the cheddar cheese nut brittle from Absinthe, La Paloma Cocktail from Cantina and the oysters and Lemongrass Satay from Poleng Lounge. Unfortunately, Chris took a bite of the satay not thinking...probably due to exhaustion. See, Chris is allergic to peanuts so before we left for the day we got to make a stop at the ambulance in front of the festival. Thankfully, a trip to the ER wasn't necessary, but man, what a way to end this day.

Wish I had more to say, but my brain still hasn't recovered. I do know enough to thank everyone who made this possible...Jim Treggiari, James Gregg, Brei Harris and the parents, Leo and Kathy.

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