Tuesday, August 11, 2009

It's a Start.

I finally took the leap and bought a desk on Sunday. Granted, it was a $25 craigslist find and I happened to find a twenty dollar bill on the way to pick it up so I invested a whopping $5 on a desk.

The $5 desk.

Now, granted it's not the nicest desk ever, but it has a decent shape. And it's full of d-i-y possibilities because if I screw it up big time, it's not a big loss. Since it's not real wood, I'm going to paint the whole thing...I'm leaning toward a glossy charcoal gray. But honestly, the whole design is going to revolve around this:

The inspiration: a $22 stapler.

One half of the top of the desk lifts up in case I ever feel inclined to do some drafting. The underneath storage area is the perfect opportunity for a hidden pop of color (like a beautifully lined coat). I'm going to hit up Sherwin Williams for paint colors later today and possibly Flax to find some crazy cool paper to decoupage the side that lifts up (you can't tell, but it's actually black). Don't worry, pics will definitely follow.


  1. congratulations! look forward to the before and after...

  2. Where can I see the After pictures?

    I really like the lines of the desk! What a steal!



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