Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Color Me Inspired.

When I'm truly inspired, I ride a fine line between wanting to go out and make everything and curling up in a ball because I'll never make anything that lovely. (Please tell me you can relate and I'm not completely crazy.) But it's that precipitous balance that pushes me outside of my comfort zone to make, design, photograph, create or write something I never thought possible. And I find that incredibly exciting! Here's where I've been going lately to light that fire under my butt:

UPPERCASE Magazine: I got my first issue this weekend and it's just a veritable source for visual goodness. My favorite part of their online journal is Type Tuesday (did I mention I like type?) with a close second being their Flickr photostream. Soooo much good stuff.

Issue Numero Dos.

Typewriter Ribbon Tin Collection. I swoon.

Images from Type Tuesday on UPPERCASE.

design work life: A blog from the peeps over at NYC's Seamless Creative. Nothing gets me more excited that looking at what inspires those I admire.

Color + Design Blog by COLOURLovers: I love this blog for making life easy by taking great pictures and then creating a computer friendly palette from them. I've said it once and I'll say it again...the best color combinations come from the world you see around you. And if nature fails you, vintage posters are a close second.

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