Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Not That You Care Anymore (Antique Fair Part 3).

I'm not sure if you've noticed, but brevity is not one of my strengths. I am always long-winded and always post like 17 pictures too many. I don't know why I can't just cut out some of the not as great pics (granted, there are 200 more I'm not posting...mostly doll parts). I guess I'm oddly concerned with hurting the feelings of the photograph. What if I don't post him and all of his friends get posted and this becomes the reason why he ends up as a 40 year old fast food manager that lives in his parents' basement playing World of Warcraft until 4am every night. I can't live with that guilt.

And without further ado, today's post! More oddities from the world of antique fairs.

Such a boar (get it?).

Now all I need is a torso. Who knew JC had such nice legs?

You didn't know I was such a fan of religious relics, did you?

Charlie would appreciate this..."Rock, flag and eagle;" Also, paintbrush with bow tie?

This is exactly what I want to look at while drinking coffee each morning.

How serendipitous...a baby buggy to carry my giant cherub head!

Just because it's my favorite color.

Time to stock up that arsenal.

Tractors and planes...the things of which 5 year old boys dream.

Suicidal birdies.

Yum yum. Wax food.

I really did want this chair...not as convinced about the velvet painting.

This chair would've worked as well...it's got nubby fabric, too!

That's right...I said it.

And now it hangs in my kitchen.

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  1. Yes! Another It's Always Sunny fan!

    I'm actually pretty into those tractors. I had one growing up.


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