Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Where I Discuss Being a Wife.

My dear friend Emily (one part of frenchie and flea) is getting married on Saturday to her long time sweetheart and I couldn't be more happy for the two of them. I'm so excited for the wedding (and obviously the reception!), even if it's partly so I can selfishly relive what it felt like on my wedding day a little more than a year ago.

While I was getting my hair cut and colored this weekend (So overdue by the way. I hadn't been to the salon since November. Egad is right!), my stylist, cued by the girl getting her hair done for her own wedding, asked me what it's like being married. That's a hard thing to answer because it's not really different per se, but there is a real, albeit subtle and nuanced, difference.

Being married is just nice. Nice is normally a word I hate but I think it captures what marriage is like - it's knowing that someone will be holding your hand for years to come as you try to navigate this crazy world. And there is an amazing, indescribable comfort in that knowledge. I just hope that one day very, very soon every one will have the legal opportunity to hold that hand.

Cheers to Emily and Meeko!


  1. I agree, it is nice. Celebrating 14 years of nice next month. And I hear you on the legal thing too. It is something that makes me proud to live in MA. ( I liked your profile thing about being able to marry a pair of Louboutins!)

  2. this post made me smile. And I hope as well that one day very soon everyone will have a legal opportunity... have a great tuesday!

  3. Gave your Uncle are all growed up!


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