Tuesday, September 15, 2009

All About Chad.

Chad Hagen, an artist and designer living in Minneapolis, is getting a lot of love today, and rightfully so. Jan of poppytalk and I both spotted his work over at 20x200 where they are featuring a couple of his Nonsense Infograph prints.

After seeing his images at 20x200, I went to his website straight away and boy, am I glad I did. Citing Joseph Beuys, Lawrence Weiner and Ed Ruscha as favorite artists, you can see the influences from Dadaism to conceptualism to Pop Art coalesce in his work. And if the imprints from these mega artists aren't enough to create something spectacular, Chad's flawless use of line and form and color and texture seemingly seal the deal.

Be sure to also check out Chad's group on Flickr, Make Something Cool Every Day, for daily updates of his work.


  1. I am not a number encourages me to do something with all those lomography prints that didn't come out! You say wife of an artist...but you are an intelligent artist yourself :) Thanks for the comic comment ;)

  2. The Brillo thing is just gorgeous :-) I love the advertising of 50s and 60s...


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