Thursday, September 3, 2009

Books. Check 'Em Out.

Today, UPPERCASE Magazine posted about the release of a new series of books from Taschen, the publisher of probably 75% of all the art and design books I own. Well, that percentage will be increasing soon because I need these books.

Type. A Visual History of Typeface and Graphic Styles, Vol. 1, 1628-1900 is on bookshelves now and is described as "The first in a two-volume set presenting an overview of typeface design, exploring the most beautiful and remarkable fonts in publishing history". Um, yes please! Volume 2 won't be released until February I know it'll be worth the wait and it'll look pretty sweet on my coffee table. Maybe I can blow up the covers as posters, too!

Images from

If you buy through Taschen you also receive unlimited access to an online image library of over 1,000 downloadable high-resolution scans of type specimens. I'm pretty sure I would pay just to have 1,000 different versions of this. Actually, I know I would.

Sample of the downloadable type specimens.

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  1. I was looking at these yesterday! they are so great! I think i need them as well!


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