Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Good Husband.

The other night Chris and I were enjoying some Prosecco at our favorite little enoteca when he asked what that day's blog post was. I answered with, "My exhaustive list of fall clothes I NEED." Since he's a good husband, he obliged and asked what comprised that list. His eyes basically glazed over as I expounded on the importance of the boyfriend blazer and ankle bootie in one's sartorial arsenal. But His ears perked up when I mentioned the leather jacket. This shouldn't have surprised me. He's asked on multiple occasions why I do not own leather pants.

When we got home, he grabbed the computer and told me to show him my favorite so I pulled up the Anthropologie jacket economically priced at $248. He thought it was "nice," but asked about other ones we could peruse. (Note: This is my husband. The one who hates shopping for himself, let alone dressing himself, and he wanted to online shop with me. It was awesome!) This led us to the Barney's website where he found the jacket for me, all $1,100 of it.

Please realize that there is no way in hell we could afford this Chris has, well, I won't call them delusions, but aspirations of hitting it big and when that day comes he'd love nothing more than to buy me that jacket. Until then, I'd take this one to hold me over. And Christmas is coming after all...

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