Tuesday, September 8, 2009


This Saturday, September 12th, is our first wedding anniversary. I wish I could talk of an elaborate celebration filled with beaches and laziness and champagne wishes and caviar dreams. But alas, I married an artist and we will be spending our anniversary at the opening of his newest show, Introductions 2009, at Root Division. While it may not be the perfect location for a romantic evening, I'm still planning on drinking copious amounts of champagne, even if it comes from a can.

(Quick aside: Chris' proposal wasn't exactly planned. All we meant to do that day was start ring shopping, but we found the ring and I decided he had to propose so I could wear it immediately. We ended up a total dive bar, Mauna Loa in SF, looking for champagne. All they had was canned champagne and a chili cheese dog buffet...and that was our high class proposal hence the champagne in a can reference.)

This weekend was spent preparing for and performing Chris' piece that will be in the show because, you know, a drawing would just be too easy. Once again, I played photographer and graphic designer while his exceedingly gracious family and friends worked as stage hands (I'm sure some major labor laws were once again violated this weekend). These performances are always a gigantic pain thanks to the lost weekends, long hours, Uhaul rental lines, parking headaches, loading and unloading of thirty seven parts, etc, etc, etc, but they also seem to make this city what it is.

San Francisco is this one-of-a-kind place where you can walk into Portsmouth Square with gigantic, stuffed clouds and stars on PVC pipes, papier-mâché prospector heads, fifteen people dressed in black, signs mentioning opium dens and a tripod, and then take 100 pictures while only the tourists bat an eye. If I haven't said it lately, I love you San Francisco and I love that you've been such a huge part of our first amazing year of marriage!

(Don't judge these photos since they were test photos. These are merely a sneak peak. You'll have to come to the show on Saturday to see the real deal.)


  1. you're so lucky to live in such an inspiring city

  2. Happy almost anniversary! I love that you decided he had to propose as soon as you found the ring :)


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