Saturday, September 5, 2009

Next Time Won't You Sing with Me.

Oh, come on. Don't act surprised. You all knew this was coming. If you've only read three entries of my blog, you know I love fonts and caprese salad. I'm a pretty simple girl. So, here is my new round of Flickr exploration of the letters and numbers in the world around us.

(Click on the image below to go to my flickr favorites to be able to see each individual photo.)

Speaking of the alphabet (we were, right?), I'm kind of obsessed with this series by Paul Thurlby. They just beg to be on the wall of every hip, stylish kid's room. So, friends with kids, take a good look at your kid's Christmas gifts. Sorry to spoil the surprise.

Image via Paul Thurlby's Flickr Alphabet Set.


  1. I love the "Q for quicksand" one... I mean, could the Q look any more horrified?? I think not.

  2. Love these letters for kids - so clever and fun!

  3. Cute Flickr roundup! Of course A is for awesome. Maybe I need that for my desk...

  4. Wow these are great! I think you have introduced me to my new favorite artist!


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