Thursday, September 24, 2009

Completely Misdirected.

I glanced at my Google Analytics report this morning like I do every morning. Because I'm a numbers whore (in addition to a trend whore. see previous post), I check it religiously. Beyond the graphs and charts and reports, I also find it interesting to see what searches lead people to my blog. This morning I found the best search yet:
anal goddess, i love anal

Boy, I bet whomever stumbled upon my website after that search was disappointed. Maybe I'll start throwing around words like "porn" or "naked girls" or "foot fetish" in my posts just for fun from now on. That's one way to get people (men) to read my blog. Ah, reminds me of that random message I got on Facebook from some creepy guy who apparently liked my profile pic of the red shoes. His total message was "Is them your feet?" Ick.


  1. Holy sh*t! That really is SO funny!!!! I don't know which is worse...the anal goddess or the facebook comment. Creepy!

  2. Ok that is funny.

    I once had someone add me as a contact on flickr, so I went to look at his photostream. It only included pictures of him....naked.

  3. Equally a numbers whore... I have not had that one yet though- NICE!

  4. thanks for the facebook comment, I just spit coffee!


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