Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fall, Schmall.

I know I should hop on the "I love fall" bandwagon because it's what all the cool kids are doing, but while I'm incredibly excited by all the fun fashion that comes with it, the price tag associated with said fashion brings me to tears. And yet I've already started my wish list for fall/winter clothes:
  • leather booties
  • flat knee high (or over the knee if I dare) boots
  • leather motorcycle jacket
  • boyfriend blazer
  • the perfect skinny jean (that also miraculously makes my thighs smaller)
  • leopard print flats
  • girlish ruffle-y blouses
  • scarves, scarves and more scarves
  • fun tights and knee high socks
  • an uber-chic trench coat

Um, hello $1,500 I don't have. Fall, definitely more than summer, is that season where I envy every fashionable woman walking down the street in a coat I don't own paired with boots I can't afford over tights I could never pull off. And while I have boots and skinny jeans and tights and a trench already, I don't have any of those from this season, damnit.

Isn't that basically the same list that's in every single fashion mag about "fall's must have" pieces? There must be subliminal messages telling me what to buy on my iPhone as well (Yep, I had to buy one of those, too. Damn Apple marketing is so effective). Hi, I'm Jessica, and I'm a total sucker and a trend whore.

(Click on any of the images to go purchase these items right now. You can blame me if you are one of those that needs justification to buy things. It's fine.)


  1. ahhh lovely boots!
    too late for me now, i'm hurtling head-first into spring with it's floaty skirts and bare legged wonderfulness.

    ps. you can never have too many scarves.

  2. I was just looking at those boots today! Of course I have to pick the over-$300 pair. Anyone who says I'm tacky or have no taste is WRONG. Wrong I say!

    I really wanted some Oxford heels this season, but I could handle those booties just fine.

  3. The Projectivist - San Francisco doesn't deal with seasons like this. We have 20 days of winter/rain, 10 days of summer and the rest is fall/spring. Needless to say, most days I wear tights/leggings.

    Lipstick - Here is an under $150 pair that is also under 3" pair that I can actually walk around this fine city in.

  4. I love it! You expressed my frustration perfectly. The same stuff we have in our closets is in style for at least a couple of years, but we still want the "new" stuff! I have the same wish list (except for the skinny jeans because without the miracle I would look anything but).

  5. ha! Nice post. Totally agree. This is why I love thrift stores.


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