Thursday, September 24, 2009


I can't believe this country does not recognize today as a paid holiday. It's just disrespectful to every quotation mark, asterisk, em dash and type lover (moi) out there. It's a dying appreciation thanks to the advent of text messaging. I'm sure much of today's youth has no idea how to properly use a semi-colon or parenthesis beyond this - ;) Don't get me wrong. I couldn't live without text messaging either, but I still punctuate my sentences. Rant. Done.

In honor of this blessed holiday, I leave you with 37 images of the best punctuation mark ever...the ampersand (with a close second being the ellipses which you know if you follow this blog).

Happy National Punctuation Day! Be sure to celebrate responsibly.

(Click on the image below to go to my flickr favorites to see each individual photo.)

And because I just can't get enough...


  1. Lovely. It should be a national holiday! I am quite smitten with punctuation, as am I with your blog. Carry on, carry on!


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