Monday, October 19, 2009

Forced Smiles.

Left brain Myopia by Kate Banazi.

I am not going to lie or pretend or put on a happy face. This week has been rough, but in that "wow, I really shouldn't be complaining" sort of way. The husband is preparing for this amazing show through the San Francisco Arts Commissions' Art in Storefronts program and I got this great new gig at AT, but um, wow, I'm scared we bit off more than we can chew. I feel so silly complaining about having too much work to do, but I'm tired (and most likely PMSing) and freaking out. Don't worry...I have this process I go through. I only allow myself 1-3 days to freak out and then I'm forced to deal with it. And since this is now day #3 you won't hear much more bitching. In preparation for that forced happy face, I'm positive the work of Kate Banazi is good enough to make you smile even if that's the last thing you want to do (thank you to Sweet Sweet Life for bringing Kate to my attention).

1950000 more virgin airmiles to go by Kate Banazi.

Cheers. It's a new week! Wow, that's the most excited I've ever sounded on Monday.

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