Friday, October 9, 2009

Wiped Out.

Blegh...I'm home sick with the flu and have been holed up on the couch for hours catching up on Project Runway (thank you Michael Kors for the priceless "teal charmeuse disco pumpkin" comment) and weeping over Pam and Jim's wedding on The Office. Is it just me or do you tend to cry about all weddings after you've been married?

Cascade by Jessica Snow via 20x200.

Anywho, that's about the extent of writing I have in me so I thought I'd find some nifty affordable art for you to check out. I've featured the work of a 20x200 artist before and I love the concept of a curated art website that features art for collectors at all price points.

Fingerprint by Ky Anderson via 20x200.

If you don't hear from me later, there's probably a Real Housewives of Atlanta marathon on Bravo.


  1. OMG I totally cried about Pam and Jim's wedding too and I haven't watched that show in forever - I was wondering what was wrong with me... glad it wasn't just me :P

  2. PS - hope you feel better soon

  3. Hope you feel better! As for Pam & Jim's wedding -you betcha I cried. Luckily it was just a few tears. I'm known to rate romantic comedies on how many boxes of kleenex I use. I'm a total wedding / romantic comedy blubbering idiot. But for some reason only movies and TV. Strange.

  4. Ohhh, as with everyone else, the tears were flowing as well for Jim and Pam. But oddly, I'm not married and have very much hated the idea of weddings until rather recently, and now I am utterly obsessed with them and tear up even on wedding blogs! My younger, 19 year old self would be slapping me...
    Feel better! It's that time of year where everyone is sick...

  5. I'm pretty sure I just love watching people in love. And I loved that they had a wedding just for the two of romantic.

    Finally caught up on all my Bravo shows. Now I'm bored. Thank god for the internet! Thanks for the well wishes!

  6. i do cry over weddings, but possibly not for the same reason as you. i like to also torture myself by looking at complete stranger's wedding photos. not as a regular Saturday night pastime or anything because that would be weird.

  7. The hubs looked at me with a what the heck is wrong with you look as I sobbed over Jim and Pam.


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