Tuesday, October 13, 2009


During my whirlwind trip to LA last Monday, I was able to spend some time visiting with my best gal, Pilar of snappy snap snap. I got to play photographer as I took some portraits of my unbelievably gorgeous friend. No offense to Pilar, but I hate taking pictures of people. This is probably because I hate getting my own picture taken (which must explain why Chris and I don't have a single photograph of us together on our honeymoon). I am much more comfortable behind the camera taking pictures of things that don't move, talk back or take offense if I take a bad photo of them.

In exchange, Pilar took a ton of photos of me. Most of them have me making silly faces to hide how uncomfortable I was. But if she can get this out of me, I'll let her take my picture all the time. (If you live in LA and need a headshot or portraits, contact her!)


  1. oh that's such a pretty picture of you! so natural!

    i know what you mean - shots by yourself can be so awkward! i can definitely ham it up in a group shot, but as soon as i'm by myself i feel so uncomfortable!

  2. Those are such great shots! I get uneasy in photos too if I am by myself. ;)

  3. haha me too. Silly, I know, because I have no problem taking photos of myself. Just not somebody else taking pictures of me. heh.

    You look beautiful!


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