Friday, October 9, 2009

Mind. Blown.

As part of the celebrations of the 20th anniversary of the Berlin Wall, more than 1.5 million people came out to watch a performance of the France's Royal de Luxe street theatre company. The multi-day performance, entitled "The Berlin Reunion," chronicled the trying reunion of an uncle and his niece after years of separation by a wall. What is amazing is that this uncle and niece were portrayed by gigantic marionettes. Just looking at these photographs gives me goosebumps (I swear it's not the fever talking)...I can't imagine even being there to witness this.

I only included a handful of the 30+ images. Be sure to check out this article to see all the beautiful documentation of this mind blowing performance. I'm wary to show this article to the husband as I'm sure it'll just get his artistic wheels a-turning. I don't think our apartment or his studio are large enough to fit anything of this scale. Actually I'm positive they are not. Maybe this will have to be our little secret. Sshhh...

All images by David Gannon via

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