Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Shut It Down.

Oh Tay, can you please stop wearing incredibly chic (and wallet crippling) blazers? I was already excited that blazers were making a comeback, but then you had to throw sequins and leopard print into the mix. I literally (Or in Zoe speak, "lit-rally." The "e" is silent like in Zoe) die. Luckily for girls like me who can't afford Gucci bags or Louboutin over-the-knee boots, there are some economical and stylish alternatives...well, at least for the sequined blazer. All of the "frugal" blazers with leopard accents are from Chico's. And that would be bananas (and not in a good way) if I suggested those to my readers.

Check back next week when I discuss thrifty alternatives to Brad's short shorts and 17 ways to add some OMG to your wardrobe with bow ties.

Image from Bravo via B-Side Blog.


  1. gah i was JUST drooling/debating over the free people one just yesterday!! I'm in love...

    Oh and ps - I'll be heading to your neck of the woods next month!! Any tips for 10 days in SF are totally welcome :)


  2. oh and on second thought - I'm digging the Fred Flare best - and a lighter price tag! score!


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