Friday, October 2, 2009

Merci Beaucoup et Bon Week-end!

Just wanted to send a quick thanks to everyone to all of your support this week about my trial run on a certain favorite website. You made me feel like I wasn't a giant fool for applying for something that felt entirely out of my league. I guess you were right because it looks like you might just all be seeing my contributions there very soon :) (And a big, HUGE thanks to Thuy, Melinda and David! Your collective senses of style made me look better than I ever could have done myself!)

Thom Yorke image via fb42.

This was a perfect start to what is sure to be an amazing weekend! Emily's wedding tomorrow followed by a quick trip with the husband to LA to visit with my brother, my BFF Pilar and her gorgeous daughter and then a little concert by the one and only Thom Yorke! As Napoleon Dynamite would say, "Yessss!!!!!"



  1. Congratulations on your greAT news!! I'm sure the concert was good too.

  2. Good luck to you! I loved your Apt. Therapy post.
    The house was fabulous!!

  3. I'm still jealous :)

    Have a fantastic time!


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