Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Loving Love.

My sister is currently on route to New Zealand (because of this). I am so incredibly excited for her and proud of her for taking such a chance for love. Still, everyone who knows Jen and Ed are pretty positive it's a safe bet.

I did really well yesterday saying good-bye to her. I barely cried and only left her with two minutes of older sister advice. And then I was on Facebook and saw this message from Ed:
Farewell my friends, I gotta go see about a girl...
Instant tears. And I'm crying again just typing this. Once a sap, always a sap.


  1. awesome! wonderful story you wrote on them, too. i can imagine how she feels. i fell for a foreigner 13 years ago and we just moved back to his home country (israel). we miss the states but when we're there we miss it here. life is never easy when you live for love. but it's fun! i wish her the best!

  2. Aw...I think she has a good man there. Good luck and have fun with your resolutions Jess! Hope you enjoy your New Year celebrations :) xo


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