Monday, December 21, 2009


Four years ago...ah, young love.

I was looking through recent posts and realized the majority of them involve me basically bragging about my husband's art career. I hope that's not what it's perceived as because it's really truly sheer pride and excitement. This is all very new to us and I'm just incredibly proud of him.

I met Chris in San Diego about five years ago. Now, San Diego is a near perfect place to live...lovely weather, beautiful people and gorgeous beaches. But because of this, it's easy to become complacent. I mean, what more do you need when you can work and then head to the beach and surf til the sun sets. Still, I wanted more for myself and Chris wanted more, too. His passion for his art and self-assurance that one day he would make it really drew me to him. Granted, it's also been known to drive me nuts, but that's another post ;)

So here we are, five years after we met and a short six months after he received his MFA and he's truly making it. Chris finally feels like he can say that he is indeed an artist. I mean, just yesterday he was featured in a New York Times article and last week he found out he's taking part in San Jose's ZERO1 Biennial next fall. And I'm telling you all this because Chris wants to make sure everyone (meaning my family, especially my brother) knows that he will be able to take care of me and support me one day doing what he loves. Translation: Don't worry...she's not wasting her time married to a slacker wannabe artist.

Anyway, thanks for reading about my journey these past few months. It's been quite a whirlwind adventure and having this online source of support has been pretty amazing. So much has been happening and I'm slowly learning how to balance it all (it all being two posts a day at AT). My posts here will most likely be a little less frequent int he new year, but I won't disappear again like these past two weeks (pinkie swear!).

This has been a pretty amazing year! I can't wait to see what 2010 holds! And I am so excited to read what great things all of you out in the blogosphere do!



  1. Aww, he sounds like a sweet guy.

    Nice to see a fellow San Francisco girl on here :-)

  2. What a sweet post! This is such an exciting time for both of you, and I can't imagine it happening for nicer, more fun people! I'm so glad we got to meet you a few months back.

    Happy holidays to you two.

  3. I love this...especially that he wants your fam to know he's able to support you. Being an artist is hard. My boyfriend is trying ;) I'm so happy for his and your success Jess! xoxo

  4. This is exactly what I mean! You guys are the best! I just got all weepy.

    Yay for blogs!

  5. Happy holidays to the both of you! :)


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