Friday, February 12, 2010

6. Typography.

Dear Typography poster from thebirdsandthebeasts. Be still my beating heart.

I tried to get through this list without mentioning type. I really did. But I realized that wouldn't be very honest of me if I denied my love of type because it truly does make me happy...dorky graphic designer happy. So without further ado...

6. Typography
Instead of starting from scratch, here are a few of my favorite posts about type on this blog:

Papyrus?!? Really?
Bobby Knows Best.
Books. Check 'Em Out.
Deviating from the Norm...Not.
ABCs. isn't that a lovely way to move into a holiday weekend?

Ten Things That Make Me Happy:
10. San Francisco History.
9. Japanese Kid Playing the Ukulele.
8. Jonathan Adler Helix Rug.
7. The PS22 Chorus.


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