Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Let It Snow (Well, Figuratively).

From Benoit.P.

If there was any doubt in anyone's mind, winter is definitely right around the corner. It hasn't broken 50 degrees today. In San Francisco. Before you laugh at my weather feebleness, that's a whole 10 degrees below our average temperature. So I know it could be colder, but I do take public transportation and probably walked a good two miles outside (uphill...in the snow...both ways) today. Okay, so maybe I wasn't walking "in" snow, but I did see this:


In honor of this cold weather season and gloves and ear muffs and wool and long johns and hot cocoa and fireplaces, here are some of my favorite "winter" photos I found on flickr. There is a stillness in this season that I think these photos capture perfectly.

(Click on the image below to go to my flickr favorites to be able to see each individual photo.)

From .bella.

From Christopher M.

From rikopin.

From TommyOshima.


  1. Beautiful selections. It's in the 20's here but no snow :( I have 3 layers on and 2 blankets and a fire going.

  2. I hear you, it is cold! and these photos make snow look and cold that much easier to bear. lovely!

  3. first photo benoit p. -- beautiful find!

  4. beautiful favorites! I especially love the one by Christopher M!

    If you're ever craving snow, we have plenty here in Boston ;)

  5. I love the first photo of the girl in the snow! time for me to head out in the snow with my dog... she wants to play. hope you are well! Joanna

  6. opps... guess it is not the first photo... anyhow bella... :)


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