Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy Holidays!

This year, there are no presents under our tree (there are no ornaments on it either...we are simply excited that we found time to put up a tree at all...although it's artificial and hardly the same). Chris and I opted not to give's amazing how much holiday stress that relieves. Instead, we donated our present money to a local family that needed it way more than I needed new shoes or Chris needed an Xbox.

We are headed to Phoenix tomorrow to spend the holidays with my family and hang out with my sister before she embarks on her next big adventure. I'm bringing the camera and the laptop so I hope to regal you with some silly stories while I'm away.

Hope you all have a lovely holiday and get to spend it with people you adore!


  1. That is so incredibly generous and such a great idea!

    Good for you guys, it reminds us what Christmas is really about too!


  2. what a lovely post. We don't have presents under the tree this year either :) Have a safe drive to Phoenix and Merry Christmas!


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