Sunday, November 15, 2009

Walk In My Shoes.

Sequin Pump, White House | Black Market, $88.

So far my holiday party schedule is pretty empty (save the obligatory work party) nor do I have any new party dresses, but that's not stopping me from looking for some party shoes. Since these are not in my near distant future (and since someone I know just ordered them for a much more important occasion than a frivolous cocktail party), I think these might serve as low cost solutions for flirty footwear. Would it be silly to get both?

Snow Leopard Pump, White House | Black Market, $98.


  1. Hey, if you can handle those hills in shoes like that I think you have to buy both. It's a talent that shouldn't go hidden.

  2. Yes. Get both.

    I'm all about encouraging an expanding shoe collection :)

  3. Nice finds - I LOVE white house, black market

  4. I am dying for those sequence shoes... they could make quite the statement at Christmas (that reason alone might justify the purchase)!


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