Saturday, November 7, 2009

She's Baaaack!

I apologize for it seeming like the lights have been out over here for the past few days. Getting adjusted to this new crazy schedule of constant writing, working and little sleep while still finding time for my blog and fun has been a bit overwhelming. Week one is done though and now that I've been through it once, I'm learning how to balance everything (with a cold too boot!!). So these dark days on the blog shouldn't happen again. The porch light is back on my friends! And now on to that fun I was talking about...

On the first Thursday of every month, most of San Francisco's galleries stay open late and people come out in droves to enjoy First Thursdays. This Thursday, two of our friends had openings so I surgically removed the laptop from my lap and stopped by both of their shows for a bit.

First, we stopped by 111 Minna to check out our friend Dusty Genard's work as part of The Novemberists group show. Dusty creates these beautifully crafted, yet completed macabre shadow boxes. They stand a mere 8 inches high, but the attention to detail verges on compulsive. Upon each look, I saw a new element I hadn't noticed before. They are eerily stunning.

While 180 degrees from Dusty's work, the technicolor photography of Kelly Nicolaisen also caught my eye. Her well composed whimsical portraits of suburban landscapes made me smile.

Next, we headed over to fivepoints arthouse to see Kevin Taylor's work as part of Paper Tigers. Kevin's paintings often portray members of the animal kingdom, but in anthropomorphic scenarios outside of their normal habitats.

One day, when we have money to support local artists, I will buy the above painting of the rabbit on the left. I have first dibs so please don't buy it. And Kevin, we are good for it (in a couple of years), I swear!

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