Thursday, November 19, 2009


Lo Res Shoe by United Nude.

These shoes were designed by scanning an image of a shoe into a 3-D computer model and then re-generating it at a low resolution. Blah blah blah, smart people with computers, I don't really care how they were made, I just want a pair.

Hi United Nude, this is my plea to allow us to buy these beauties in the US. Thanks!

(I was worried that you all were getting tired of these shoe posts, but then I remembered nearly all of my readers are women and to us, there's no such thing as too many shoes. Phew!)


  1. YES! I LOVE United Nude! About 5 years ago I wanted a pair that were part of their architectural line (eames, van de rohe, etc) and saw a pair in Italy for way cheap and for some reason didn't buy it. Total regret. But THESE new ones are amaaaaazing, oh my!

  2. VERY cool shoes -- they're so funky. I wish they were sold in the US, I'd definitely buy a pair.

  3. Are those blue shoes for real? Or have I stayed up too late again and am hallucinating?

  4. There seems to be stores that carry them in the U.S.

    Click on Americas, then United States. There's two in CA.

  5. Tired? Puhleese!!! Give us more!
    This must be the diamond of shoes i tell ya!

  6. OK those shoes are simply amazing!!!


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