Thursday, November 12, 2009

There's Still Work To Be Done.

All this writing about interiors has made me come to an embarrassing realization. My apartment is far from photo ready as it's a little lackluster and unfinished. It's probably 75% complete with a running list of projects that I will most likely never get to...wallpapering an accent wall, refinishing a desk, organizing that mess of a closet, creating a nice workspace for myself, putting up some sort of curtains and on and on. Okay, so maybe it's closer to 60% there.

There are some empty spaces on a couple of our walls in dire need of some sort of decoration. These prints are currently front runners. I love the simplicity and the graphic nature of the designs. At the end of the day, I'm really just a simple girl that loves her some fonts.


  1. hear hear! I'm more likely to put up old advertisements with neat typography than a beautiful painting :)
    And creating a perfect home is only perfect with time. When I first bought my first apartment, I felt compelled to finishing everything immediately. It was ok, but not meaningful. Whereas my second apartment was lovingly spent slowly going through every nook and cranny, and thus produced a gorgeous (if I say so myself) home.
    And now I don't even have my own place. So you're miles ahead of me! :)

  2. maybe you should get more work from that amazing artist that did the paul klee take on your apartment therapy blog. she looks very promising and i think she could liven up a wall or two.

  3. this is the link to the fantastic painting. center piece. also great blog about a fun case you are interested.

  4. Ladies and younger sister! Oh, and if you couldn't tell, she's the artist of the painting she's referencing.

  5. The red and blue circles really catch my eyes.


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